Questions & Answers


1- Does JIBE work only for heating or will it work for both heating and cooling?
JIBE works for both heating and cooling. For heating, it will choose between electric heater(s) and the furnace. For cooling it will choose between local air conditioner(s) and central air conditioning.


2- For heating, will JIBE only work with heating oil furnaces or it can work with Natural Gas and Propane?
JIBE can work with furnaces that burn any fuel type including oil, Natural Gas, propane or others.


3- Will JIBE only work with space heaters or it can work with regular electric baseboards?
JIBE can work with any electric baseboard.


4- When do you expect to deliver the first JIBE to customers?
We don’t know yet, but we are working on that.


5- Would JIBE still save money if it controls only the individual heating and cooling units and not the furnace or central air?
Yes. This situation applies to homes that use only electric heaters for heating or individual air conditioners for cooling.  It is called “heaters only mode”. JIBE will give you fine grained control over temperatures in each room, as well as the remote control capability.


6- Would JIBE works for any sized house?
Yes. JIBE supports both large and small homes. For a larger home, JIBE will optimize each zone separately and your potential savings will be higher.

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