JIBE is a heating and cooling system
that helps home and business owners
save up to 40% of their energy bill.

Please note that the hardware in this video does not reflect the latest and greatest hardware. The latest JIBE thermostat hardware
has a color touch screen that shows and controls the temperatures in all the rooms (a picture of it is shown in the above banner picture).

The Problem

Predominant heating and cooling design relies on a central energy source covering too many rooms within a single thermostat zone resulting in wasted energy cost from inefficient usage.

The Solution

JIBE minimize energy costs by breaking up a large single zone to individual room zones.  JIBE chooses the lower cost source when deciding to turn on the central heating/cooling or use the individual electric heater/air conditioner located in each room.

The Methodology

With JIBE, the user sets the temperature for each room at any given moment. The central controller collects the current temperatures from all of the rooms and decides to either  turn on the central heating/cooling or the individual electric heater/air conditioner based on which one has the lower cost.


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